Alice Postcard 2.3.jpg

Theatre Contra presents

Dream-Rushes (a wonderland trip).

Join us as we journey down a rabbit hole less explored. 

In 1864 Charles Dodgson, commonly known as Lewis Carroll, presents a young girl named Alice Liddell with a hand illustrated book. In 1865, that book becomes a phenomenon. You know the story, you know the characters. But there's a darker side to every story.

Directed by Christine Freije
Dramaturgy by Paige Martini

Alex Dittmar
Emily Fernandez
Kelly McCaughan
Leslie Miller
Natajia Sconiers

Stage Manager: Liz Crino

Set Designer: Eliana Fabiyi
Sound Designer: Adiah Hicks
Costume Designer: Natajia Sconiers

Run Crew: Brennen Malone, Abby Weissman

Photos by Emilie Krause